Mike D's BBQ Looking to Expand

In December 2018, we celebrated a big milestone - 5 years in business!! It took a lot of hard work, with lots of growing pains (that we still experience) to get there. It was all worth it though, and we have even bigger plans for 2019 and beyond. In a previous update, we talked about our partnerships in the NASCAR space. If you did not read about them you can HERE.

The biggest way we are looking to expand is to open a BBQ Supply and General Store in Durham, NC. We love this city and want to put even deeper roots down here. We want to create a place that is the go to for all things BBQ. Currently, with a few exceptions, most people go to a big box store for their grilling and smoking needs, and then a grocery store for their other supplies. Often the people working there are not experts in BBQ let alone have dedicated chunks of their lives to it. So why not have a place where people can come and buy grills, smokers, grill tools and accessories, wood, charcoal, pellets, plus sauces and rubs all in one place? That is run by people who are passionate about BBQ. 

In addition to being a place for all things BBQ, we want to also have a General Store component, that will allow us to sell other items from minority and women owned businesses in the Triangle area. As a minority owned business, I've seen first hand some of the challenges of getting products on a store shelf and I want to be a solution and starting location for business.

To help us get there we are running a crowdfunding campaign that has 30 days left to raise the additional funds needed to get this vision off the ground.

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Any contribution made will put us one step closer to making this a reality and any support is appreciated. We are actively looking at locations around Durham in order to find the best possible location. Stay tuned for more details as they happen over the next few months!





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