Welcome to the team Portia!!!!


As Mike D's BBQ continues to grow, it requires us to grow the team. The newest and first addition is Portia Taylor! She has come on board as a brand ambassador and is helping at the retail location in the Morgan Street Food Hall, as well as working with our social media. She has been a great help so far, and looking forward to all the way she can help grow the brand. Below is a quick fun survey to help you get to know her as well!

Name: Portia J. Taylor

Favorite Nickname: Bebop

One TV Show you never miss: Insecure (I'm really trying to be consistent this season, so I set an alarm on my phone). 

Favorite Cartoon Character:  Ariel from the Little Mermaid. (Then Pocahontas and Mulan). 

First Job:  Front Desk Assistant for UNC Charlotte Athletic Academic Center 

Go To Midnight Snack: I always prefer fried chicken, but I don’t always have it, so I settle for potato chips. 

What would your superpower be?  I would like to read minds. Being able to control the weather also sounds amazing. 

What made you want to work at Mike D's BBQ:  I wanted to work with Mike D's BBQ because I believe in the vision and because I believe the position will make me more marketable in any endeavor.  

Favorite Thing about working at Mike D's BBQ: My favorite thing about working at Mike D's BBQ is the face people make when they fall in love with the sauce and can't resist throwing some D's on it.


Portia at the Morgan Street Food Hall




Haywood Spruill

Haywood Spruill

I’m coming to check it out. Can’t wait to throw some D’s on it!

Teffanie Simpson Phelps

Teffanie Simpson Phelps

She"s a keeper!

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