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2.00 shirt

2.11 for the shirt, 40 cents for the print and you want to charge 25.00. I'll sell you all you want for 15.00 to include shipping. Let me know.

John, I am sorry you feel this way. I can assure you for a quality shirt, it costs more than $2 and more than 40 cents to print. I always strive to deliver the best quality to my customers and am doing that here. We will never make everyone happy, and some people like yourself will choose not to purchase. I am sorry we couldn't earn your business and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. If you are looking for award winning sauces and rubs, I would encourage you to check out our selection of those since our shirts do not meet your needs. Hope you are well, and thanks again, Mike D - Owner
gotta throw some D's on it!

I've been cooking for a lot of years and have tried a lot of rubs, many salt heavy or pepper heavy. This AP (all purpose) rub by MikeD is balanced and flavorful. I use it often when making pork butts & ribs. Since it's AP, i need to give it a go on chicken & fish. Great product. The sauces, what can i say... that spicy is really good. The regular is good too but not like the spicy. They're not thick sauces but very tasty. Give em a try, yeah Throw Some D's on it!!


I love Mike D’s sauces and rub!! We like the hot one best. It’s genius good! Will be ordering again soon.

Everything is Great!

I purchased the sauces and rub, my family and friends love them!! They taste delicious and gives the food awesome flavor! Try it!!! It's a Winner!!!


Just ordered my favorite BBQ sauce!

Mild Set
Super bomb!

I love this sauce! It goes well with beef, pork, chicken...I even use it to dip my fried goods when I go get drive-thru. It is definitely my favorite and will be a regular in my pantry.

Perfect bbq sauce

Tried this sauce at a Nascar race.. Fell in love with it. Now we have it shipped to Canada for the perfect bbq.

Great flavor

Learned about Mike D's at Richmond Raceway and thats all I have used since. Flovor is amazing but not overpowering. I have used it on ribs and chicken and it was great on both.

Second to none

First time I tried the all purpose rub was at a local market and Mike was setup on a small desk in the corner. Just a big bowl of chips with the rub sprinkled on top of it and needless to say it sold me! I think that was six years ago and now I have been a loyal customer buying all his product. What keeps me coming back besides the great rubs and sauces is the customer service! Handwritten notes apologizing for things out of his control and other swag. He and his product is the BEST!

VERY Delicious BBQ Sauce!

I really LOVE this sauce! I like to mix the spicy with the regular and it's sooo good! I even use it on meats that are not grilled! It's GREAT tossed on air fryer wings! I've made a couple YouTube videos featuring this sauce! Thanks for a quality, good tasting product PLUS the price or shipping is not bad either!

Thanks for the review and the videos. I really appreciate all your support!

The flavor of both sauces and spices are great and can go on anything. I would recommend to anyone. The sauce is light and not heavy like normal mass production brands. Great products

2nd time purchasing

These rubs are flat out good! I even combine the 2 for an extra flavor kick. They are made for pork and you have a loyal customer!

BIG Sauce Set

Love this product!

The flavors are amazing. Great for all types of meats. The sauces are great for anything also! Great packaging and customer service

Great sauce

Great sauce, will continue to buy.

Great purchase!

The Sauce Starter Set is a great way to sample two flavors. I love it!!

Mild Set
Pork babybacks

I had some friends and neighbors over for a cookout and fixed seven racks in my smoker, half with the mild set and the rest with the sweet and spicy. I got many good comments on both and they said I could have them back anytime. I am relative newbe on my smoker and my daughter said that this smoking was the best combination of rub and sauce that I have done. Can't wait until the next time.

From California

A friend bragged about your sauce and rubs
I live in California and we don’t get it out here. He sent me a package of your Rub and Sauce.
It is very favorable smooth not over powering

Thank you


Mild Set
Mike D's Rules

Best Sauce Ever! 5 out of 5 all day every day. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Purchased the rub and the sauce. They both are delicious. Wish I could buy locally.

Mild Set

The sauces are wonderful & the rub puts the icing on the cake!!!! You will not be dissapointed

BBQ Sauces

Excellent, just the flavours that I love. Customer dupport eas excellent too.
Brian from the UK

The perfect housewarming gift!

I purchased the mixed set from Mike D’s for a housewarming gift for my brother. It was the perfect gift for the man who appreciates a well cooked meal and the incredible flavor of Mike D’s sauces and rubs has created another fan for life. Plus, the new app has made ordering and delivery quick and painless.

Mild Set
The Yums!!

Mike D’s never disappoints! I purchased the mild set a few weeks ago and we put the rub and/or the sauce on almost everything. Plus, the added convenience of the new app makes ordering and delivery easier than ever for those of us who are outside North Carolina.

Best of the Rest

I’ve tried a ton of different sauces and rubs, probably every single one from Cabelas over the last few years. Mike D’s sauce is the freshest and tastiest by far, otherwise I wouldn’t keep buying! Do yourself a favor and try it out!