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Tasty BBQ Sauce

This is a perfect combination of sweet and spicy. Matches up with chicken or ribs quite nicely. Do yourself a favor and order some immediately.

Great for anything!

I've been making a lot of wings in the air fryer and this is a GREAT touch. If you don't you know!

BIG Sauce Set
Ms Smith
Bursting with flavor!.

For the family member that can't handle a little heat. Hooking my family and friends on it.

BIG Sauce - Gallon
Christopher Aho
I love Mike Ds

Mike Ds is our favorite sauce. We always have it on hand. Buying it by the gallon is a great deal and Mike was helpful in shipping this to my brother in Orlando. It wasn’t my first purchase and won’t be my last.

Mixed Sauce and Rub Set

After seeing you on the I had to try it and I'm blown away! Will definitely order more soon and prolly a hoodie too!

Mild Rub Master Set
Jerry Jordan
Mike D's is Da Bomb

I am always trying new spices and rubs for my BBQ experiments and since I loved the BBQ sauce that Mike has, I decided to trying the seasonings. They did not disappoint and were amazing on the ribs I did. You should give Mike D's a try.

BIG Sauce Set
david poland
The Sauce

Loved the sauce the first time I tasted it,saw the T V show and it looked even better. Most sauces taste about the same, not this one,has a different taste,little sweet, little tang and some heat, not just all tomatoey Great too add inside of a smoked meat loaf. Highly recommend.

Incredible service

I love this product!
This company also has above and beyond customer service.


This Rub I put on chicken, pork and even venison. It is the best rub bar none. I give it to my brother for gifts as he is a BBQ guru and he says he loves it as well. Mike is a super person and his company is exceptional at customer service! Highly recommended all around!



You have the best sauce that I have ever tried. Your efforts are appreciated.

Mild Rub

Great seasoning on everything I’ve tried it on so far. I will be purchasing more in the future.

Mild Rub seasoning

Mixed in with hamburger patties and BBQ'd. BEST EVER FLAVOR !!!! Thanks, Jon.

Sauce Starter Set
Erick Jarquin
Bad Ass Sauce

Your sauces are amazing. I love the way they caramelizad on the meat

Meat Injector
Visa Cardholder

Meat Injector

Throw Some D's On It T-Shirt

BIG Sauce Set
Andrew Waller

The sauce is great, great taste and flavor. The family loves it on my ribs. Thanks

Elderberry Syrup
Gail Fowlkes
Elderberry Syrup

I bought this planning ti use on my waffles. It was thinner than I had imagined. I ended up adding regular maple syrup with it. Top notched. This is now my new go to waffle and French Toast syrup. The taste is the same that I remember from my childhood. I plan to buy more.

BIG Sauce Set
Holden James
Delicious BBQ sauce

Amazing sauce!!

Amazing Customer Service

Amazing product…would definitely purchase again!!!!!

BIG Sauce Set
Natasha Lewis
I love it 😻 my husband and I use it on everything

The best seasoning and sauce ever❤️ I will most definitely order again

Mike D's BBQ Hoodie
Darren Fitzgerald
Sample Pack was awesome!

The best! The 2 Rubs and the 2 sauces are amazing! The wife and I tried them on my Beer Can Chicken, some ribs and even on some pork. The best. We will be re-ordering the same Sample Pack again. And we got a couple sweatshirts too.

Mixed Sauce and Rub Set
Darren Fitzgerald
Sample Pack was awesome!

OMG! I like to make Beer Can Chicken, so I tried the rub. It was the best we ever had. My wife and I polished off half a 6lb chicken that night then made Chicken Salad sandwiches with the leftover chicken for the grandkids. Everything came fast and the sauces are our favorite. Mt wife and I got a couple sweatshirts too. Thank you for everything!

So far So Good!!!

My family loved the ribs seasoned with this rub. I'm loving it.


I love the Flavor of the BBQ Sauce and I love cooking with my All Purpose Rub it truly makes the Flavor of chicken perfect.

Sauce Starter Set
Smoked ribs

The best sauce for baby backs !