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THE Best!!

The gallon is sold out and I'm not surprised, this sauce is amazing. I will definitely order the gallon next.

Soooo goood

I was reluctant to order this sauce because I didn't know if it would be too spicy for me but i decided to give it a try. I ordered the starter set and OMG, this sauce is heaven. It's my new favorite, its so delicious, This sauce has the perfect balance of flavors, spices, sweetness and a touch of heat. I tried it on air fried wings and baby back ribs....amazing. I will definitely order more. So glad i found this.

Amazing Flavor

I was introduced to Mike D's BBQ by a youtube recipe video, Mike's Big Sauce was highly recommended and was the cook's secret ingredient to make his ribs THE best. I placed an order of Mike's Big sauce, took a risk and ordered the gallon. The youtube guy wasn't kidding, this sauce is amazing. I'm so glad i found it and that i also tried the sweet and spicy sauce too, its my delicious.

Rub Starter Set

Awesome sauce

Easy to use and taste great

Spicy Sauce

My favorite BBQ sauce! I've been ordering this sauce since Mike D gave samples at a festival in Raleigh about 5 years ago. Happy to see it available in more stores now too. My husband and I love it!

My number one anytime solution.

This is the second time I came back for more D's. I purchased three bottles last time because the whole family is using it now. I'm in California so Tri Tip is big in the family, often once a week. But we now use it on everything ribs chicken pork and a occasional corn on the cob. I'll be back for more. Thanks for a great product and congratulations on your business. Best regards from the other side of our country.

Bursting with Flavor!

I am never disappointed with Mike D’s!
The flavor is amazing! Even though I moved away, the service is excellent & I will continue to order from Mike D’s :)

I like it but....

WAY to small for being a 3XL. Fits my 13yr old daughter better than me. I’d give it more stars if the fit was better. Graphics look good

Really well balanced

We really liked the careful balance of flavors that didn't detract from the flavor of the meat. I'm glad I ordered 4 bottles, and will order more in the future.

Sweet and spicy rub

Great rub for some ribs! Did some barbecuing with my Throw Some D’s on it tee shirt

Always Quick And Consistent

I’ll always come back when I like a product and I’ve found that with the rubs and sauces. Quick delivery and consistency in the product is always appreciated.


Omg!! Hands down on of the best seasonings gives your food extra kick all the perfect flavors come together

Favorite BBQ

I've bought a gallon of this sauce. I can refill my 16oz bottle.
I refilled it and emptied it in about 3 weeks! I add this sauce to just about everything! Now this has been the most used sauce for me.
I recommend anyone to at least try this sauce. I prefer it over major name brands !

Great Product

2nd purchase, great on Baby Back Ribs!

Awesome sauce

It’s really really good I enjoy it with ribs, burgers, and wings definitely my go too. I will be picking up some more once I’m almost done

Versatile and delicious

Well balanced and not too overpowering with flavor. You can put this on lots of stuff. One of favorite things so far was actually putting this in meatballs. Worth it!

If you love bbq sauce, get this size

Originally I bought the bottles of spicy sauce. Ran out quickly and decided to go with the gallon. Best decision! This is hands down the best bbq I have had, so I am a Mike D's customer for life now.


We use it on pulled pork with Mike Ds rub. It is out of this world.

Amazing stuff!

I’d give it more than 5 stars if it were an option. I’ll be a customer for life. I’m not a fan of bbq sauce in general but this stuff is great. I’m glad we got the gallon!

A new BBQ sauce lover

I do not care for bbq sauce because they have a tangy taste. When I saw the show about Mike D's I had to try the bbq sauce. I now use this sauce on everything. I started with the 16 oz bottles and my husband loves it as well. He can go through a bottle in a week because we put some D's on everything. I use it as a dipping sauce as well. So happy I discovered this sauce I am a true fan of yours. Also we use the all purpose season we put that on just about everything as well. I like how when I email you I get a quick response. Thanks!

Superbowl Wings

Hey MikeD!!! Your dry rub was our household's special guest for our superbowl party! Delicious!!
Perfect amount of heat and flavor. When they are on the grill you can smell the authentic seasonings.

Awesome Sauce!

Goes great with pulled pork! I can't wait to try it on everything else. Perfect flavor!

Best sauce!!

This is the BEST barbecue sauce I have had and my family agrees. We will only be buying Mike D's sauce from now on!! Delish!!

Perfect Consistency

This sauce is a winner! I made ribs this weekend with it and they were delicious!

Note that ribs in the rear of the picture were without sauce.