Community Impact

One of the core beliefs we have at Mike D's BBQ, is that BBQ brings people together. You will hear us often say that if we had more BBQs we could achieve world peace! There is something about wood, fire, and meats (or veggies if that's your thing) that just bring people together! 

We love finding ways to ensure that BBQ and Mike D's BBQ is having an impact on the community. Mike D's BBQ commits every year to contributing 3% of our revenue to groups that are making a difference. We have three groups who each will get 1% of our annual revenue to help them continue to make a difference in our communities. Full Disclosure, owner Mike D sits on the board of directors for two of these groups (Reinvestment Partners and Helps Education Fund). Read a brief description about each group and click to visit their websites and learn more about them!


Reinvestment Partners

Reinvestment Partners’ mission is to promote healthy and just communities by empowering people, improving places and influencing policy.  We feed the hungry and house the homeless and speak up for justice.  We do so as social innovators providing new models for client impact and system changes

Helps Education Fund

Through collaborative partnerships, Helps Education Fund provides programs and services that meaningfully advance learning outcomes for students from birth to adulthood. These programs and services are evidence-based, easy to use, and free or low cost. To promote educational equity, we focus our efforts on partnering with educators and community organizations that serve a high percentage of students who are economically disadvantaged and/or perform below adequate levels in core academic skills. Helps Education Fund is committed to improving educational equity because inequitable education contributes to systems of oppression, poverty, and other undesirable circumstances that unfairly harm individuals, communities, and a collective society. Although Helps Education Fund is based in North Carolina, our programs and services have been used throughout the United States and in more than 65 countries around the globe. 

Charles Hamilton Houston Foundation, Inc

Established in 2016, the Foundation connects boys and young men of color to the strategies they need to secure socioeconomic success by delivering innovative leadership & professional development programs for college and career readiness, facilitating connection with professional opportunities and transforming academic policies and practices.